Vintage motorcycles , parts & accessories for sale

Our Team

We’re motorcycle people, more specifically we are vintage motorcycle people.  We are proud members of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, member #9863.  We do most of the AMCA swap meets on the west coast and usually make the trek as far east as Davenport in the Fall. 


Come and see for yourself. When you find an item or motorcycle you are interested in ask a lot of questions, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity to answer them.  We can assist in transportation for motorcycles in the USA and other countries.  Buy with confidence.

Why Choose Us

We at Rogue Hawg know that motorcycles are not a necessity of life but we also know that 2 wheels move the soul or at least it does for us.  We have devoted most of our lives, over 45 years to this passion and we are always searching for that next unique vintage motorcyle in the barn.  Our inventory changes constantly as I sort through my collection and let go of a few choice items and as we find "new" old rusty motorcycles.